Havelte is situated in the beautiful nature of Drenthe.The location we have hired for many years now and the feedback from participants is that they feel at home as soon as they arrive. The country side and the forest will help you to experience the Voyahuasca ceremonies on an even deeper level. Staying over is in shared double and triple rooms with adjacent bathrooms.

A wonderful place to really be and let go of daily worries, to connect with your natural inner self. 

Havelte, provence of Drenthe

The Netherlands

Havelte, international retreat (with 2 ceremonies)

Some of our international retreats with 2 Voyahuasca ceremonies are facilitated in Havelte. 

International Voyahuasca retreats in Havelte with 2 ceremonies start at first evening with soup and sharing.

On 2nd day we will be meeting each other on a deeper level with Heartdancing and create a safe setting for the first ceremony. The breathwork on 3rd day is a preparation for the second ceremony.

The last day is an integrational day with sharing and a final Heartdancing. 

Please read also the Frequently Asked Questions. Probably the question that poppes up for you is in the list. If not, then please contact info@thesacredvoyage.com They will refer to the FAQ if your question is in there. 

Language of these retreats is English. 

In the documents you find the preparations for this retreat.

Preparation document

Voyahuasca Magical Child SPECIAL

This international Magical Child Voyahuasca retreat is facilitated by co-founder of the Sacred Voyage,  Tanja Faber. In this retreat you can connect with your creativity, playfulness, your magical child. We will do some preparation work with sharing,  Heartdancing and breathwork. One ceremony will be with psilocybine (truffles only) and the other ceremoney is with Voyahuasca or the mother plant.  Program starts on first evening around 7:30 pm and ends on Sunday around 2 pm. 

Practical information is to be found in the enclosed document (time schedule, preparation documents, what to bring etc). Please read well in time and send back intakeform!

Language is English.


Intake form

To guarantee the safety of our participants we need to know about your health. Please return the completed intake by email to us when you have registered for this retreat.

Download Intake form

Voyahuasca agreement

Please print, read and sign in advance the Voyahuasca agreement and hand it over to one of our facilitators on the first day of the Voyahuasca retreat.

Download document

MAO inhibitor

Many medication cannot be combined with the MAO-inhibitor in Voyahuasca. Read the MAO-inhibitor carefully so you know what 'MAO-inhibitor' means and when it can be danguerous to have Voyahuasca.

Download document

Experiences from Voyagers: 

As a whole the Magical Child retreat brought me so much, but mainly: physical & emotional catharsis, permanent relief from physical pain (in lower back), improved sleep (after 1-2 years of interrupted sleep), improved mood (less anxiety & depression), more direct access to my feelings (unblocked & freed up), release of anger, renewed apprecition for life, more ability to be productive/efficient at work, feeling of greater looseness/suppleness in my body (less tension) and more happiness. Chris

And life will never be the same.....I am reconnected again with my source and the source that connects us all: LOVE! Such a beauty! - Nanny